My hearts desire


Today has been a trying day for me  and it’s only 2:00 p.m. To give you all the short version I woke up to 0.00 balance in both of my accounts. Mind you, I don’t make a lot of money.

Well, needless to say, when I saw  this.  I began to make some unpleasant phone calls. Where, I didn’t speak to  kindly to the representatives, I spoke to. I  will admit ,I was very unchristian like with my dealings,today.

So, what does this verse mean to me today, it means everything. Why, because I didn’t receive money. Because, God is not a genie. But, my hearts desire at this time is to know that he will help me, work through this time.

With, that being said. I did get my  heart asked for, from the most unlikely source. Wait for it…. I got from a representative, not in a form of an arrangement of any sort.  But, the empathy of someone who has walked in my shoes, before.

Not, only that. Though,  I spoke rudely to her at the start. She had the Grace to clam me down. Why? She, admitted after telling me her story. That she was holding her Bible while talking to me. I broke down and cried.

Though, It’s still on going and more head aches may be on it’s way. I know, that God in Jesus , will give me the tools to deal with this. So, I always will desire Him, in my most difficult situations.While asking for His discernment , is always in my heart’s desire. ~Amen

Thank you, that is all.~Leah


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