Who’s at work?


Good day everyone! I have gotten some  resolution to my problems that I had yesterday. Though, my account is still closed. I was also, informed that, they would be keeping  the money, it had in it. Thank God, I paid all my bills and rent for next month, before this happen.

But, this post ins’t about that. It’s, about how God, shows me his, light during this hectic  time. He, has done this  in the form of someone, calling me in for a job interview. As a Christians, I take this as God working on a bigger situation, for the future. For He, knows what I have need of, for a situation that I can’t announce at this time. However, this doesn’t  mean I’ll get the job.

But,  it encourages me to know I’am still valuable to  work. So, if the interview doesn’t pan out, this will encourage me to look else where. Because now I have the tools and confidence that God has given me through Jesus Christ, to go forward with my life. As, I deal with the worlds  ups and downs.

Happy Tuesday ~Leah

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that God will bless you all, with your needs. As well, as myself , may we recognize His help~Amen


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