Celebrating Thanks

Thankful post

Photoby: Me (before my iPhone 😉

Hello everyone! I thought I’d join. 28 days of Celebrating  Thanks. I also thought these thanks , would  make for  some nice post here .  As, this is my, Christian blog. Although, I’am, thankful 365 days of year.

I, haven’t had much time to post them everyday. Also, some of my thanks, are between the Heavenly Father and I.  Though, sometimes I just want to tell every one of the smallest thing, I feel grateful for.

However, these 28 days will   start now! So, let me give my  four prompts. I missed the first three . so her they go:

1)  A Blessings: I give thanks to some of the friendships, I’ve  been blessed with.

2) A time when you were strong:   I  always give thanks, when everything is going wrong. Because, I want to work it out and find a solution. Rather, than giving up on a problem in a situation. Or simply learn, from the mistake of it.  Because, there’s strength in defeat.  Also, humility .

3) A person that lifts you up:  My mother. However,  has a different way of showing her support sometimes. It’s not always with kindness of words or way. But, It’s the security of knowing no matter where I’am in life or what I do. She loves, me regardless.

4) Family:  I’am thankful for my Christian family. Rather,  they’ re my family and friends. Or, my cyber family. I love the,m as well. Especially, for keeping me in the word of God through Jesus Christ. Also,  I’am grateful, for having  bible studies to join. As well as, book clubs to join. It’s nice have a Christian perspective on things .

Here are just a few of my online family members:

(in)Courage: book club

Proverb 31 Ministry : Bible study group

Lisa Jo Baker : 5 Minute Friday, writing challenge , Lisa Jo,  is actually, the person who, virtually open these doors for me, to read these sites.

Ann Voskamp : A Holy Experience

Holley Gerth: a great online friend to have when you really need one.

Also: I have to say thanks to  new friends who introduce me to:  Celebrating Thanks . The Daily Post at WordPress who introduce me to: Blog Her . BlogHer, is where I found the list for the idea for this post and many more. As. I am also joining in: NaBloPoMo


Wow, busy! As, I am also writing my book. Progress of my writing and how I’am doing on my:  NaNoWriMo ,  will be posted on my blog soon at: Writer in Progress

Until than, May God Bless us with what we need more than our wants. In the name of Jesus Christ ~Amen.


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