It’s the Thought. Really!

Post Done

Which, for me lately has been friendships. I have never been, blessed with such good people since childhood. Today, I received two more gifts, one from a co-worker and another form a friend. who, both thought about me enough, to bring me a gift.

Because, it had been, my Birthday. In their defense, I didn’t, tell anyone, that it was my birthday. However, I let it slip to my B.F.F. ( I never tell anyone when my birthday is. My family respects it. Expect, my mother who gave me a  balloon, card and treated me to a huge lunch/dinner Smile )  that it had been my birthday. And, the res,t is a great big happy history!

But, from that slip. This week has been a week of, unexpected  celebration.  Including last night ,when my friends invited me to dinner, after work. At which, they refuse to let me pay for anything. Because, it was belated, birthday thingy .

I now ,understand the quote:  “it’s the thought that counts”. ( I will go further, with this thought, on Writer In Progress, later.) As, I, feel that God, has completely blessed me. By knowing, each and every  one of my friends. Because, in the past this would, have never happen. Because, I lived a  fair weathered life.

So, Thank you, God in the name of Jesus, For those, who think about us enough, to add us, to their to do list.( As, mothers, single mothers and etc. as most of our friends are. So,it’s  truly , “the thought that counts.” And  a great blessing to endure.) And may we continue to gain and keep these people. ~ Amen


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