I’am Imperfectly made :)


Be happy , being, who you are.  Because, God made us all, the way he wanted us! If, you think about it.

Because, if  we’re, all perfect and the same. Than how, could we, feel Compassion, Empathy , Sympathy  and Love. Or, how could we have the need to,  nurture others.  Also, become  humble in front of the poor.

Another example,  is  in reverse. How, can someone who’s already humbled by being , poor or not perfect physically . Or, perhaps  a, mother with a special needs child. How, can we , than, encourage them and each other.Notably, in the word of God, without , our own,  imperfect examples, along with Christs and others in the Bible.

I pray, that God in Jesus Christ will Bless us with love of who we are in Him. ~Aman

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