it is what it is

The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Lord’s Spirit is, There is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Hi Ya! this is my first post in a couple of months. I’ve been going through some soul searching, as cliche as that sounds. But, it’s  true. Part of my searching  was for professional reasons. Another  was for creative purposes.However, most of it was wanting to live beyond my computer, to experience fully the people that God has blessed me with, undocumented. By, undocumented I mean not yet.

So, will this post  be about those adventures? maybe the next time. No, it’s  going to be about that moment of recollection, when I discovered  Jehovah-jireh‘s plan for me and my creative state. Due to the fact that as a blogger I was trying to fit in, almost everywhere. Specifically, in positive and peaceful forums, that display most art forms.

Which is great. If I didn’t open tons of blog accounts, twitter accounts and websites. I would use them for writing endeavors. But to much ado, I might have appeared a bit schizophrenic. Furthermore insincere.

As  I’d, pop up liking and commenting on everyone’s post. In order to be “like’d” back and recognized.  It was becoming cumbersome for me to keep up, though my efforts were being paid back. However, I had to stop!

I needed to step back and recognize what I was doing.  Which is, I was writing more for people to like me. Because, I wanted my blog to become popular. I wanted more followers than me and my best friend?

But what I really wanted was a blog that was uplifting , encouraging and loved! I want people to identify with me. And, I want to empathize with others? So, how could I do that and use my love for God ? Along with my experiences?

I discovered I can do that by using one blog,. That would be written by a faith based Christian writer,  photographer, crochter and etc :)))) Who, wants to share what shines upon my soul and days with unconditional love. For that reason, am quite okay, about less likes. Because, I have them, already.
That encourages me to encourage others to do the same.

Because, I have discovered, that if someone stops following me or “liking” any of my work, because of faith. Than I can only concluded, I have been judged, and that saddens me. Especially, when I like everyone who’s creative and respectful  with their talents.

Well,  with that said I can only pray continually, that we can all respect and identified with each other on some level. Right?

Until that time , May Jehovah-jireh in the name of Jesus Christ Bless you all. Also remember if no one “likes” or visits your blog , that, God “likes”  and Loves your faith based creativities in the name of Jesus Christ. So, lets keep up it!!!!! Peace

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