Five Minute Friday . Mess


There could be no other, beautiful mess than a child. Children , that included my young nieces and nephews. Kids I’ v baby sat or volunteered to work with.

Some of those where once young enough to chase around playfully like butterfly’s in flight. That , rest for a moments time . Where i can take notice in those brief moments on how great God creation’s can be. Before it takes flight as sun rays shine through it’s vibrate colors. “Awestruck”

To me it reminds me pretty much of a children, that I’ve ran after, for them to clean off the days joyful moments. Of playing in the mud and catching earthworms. “Yuck!”

Of finger painting, more of the walls than paper, as well as them selves. ” “Give me strength Jesus”

Of arts and craft’s , scattered crayons, glittered encrusted bits of paper fall to a recently clean floor. “Yikes!”

After those moments It’s during those down times those time that they land. After the baths and cleaning what seemed an overwhelming mess. I than look at their joyful and peaceful faces ” Thank The Lord!”

That are snuggled safe in bed, nestled under soon to become ruffled blankets. “Adorable ” smile and relief is felt all at once.

Because, I’m truly thankful to have been blessed of taking care and knowing these tiny mass of innocents and quite time for me! But, regardless of moments of stress and panic I still appreciate the love of children, though I may not have been blessed with my own. It makes having every moment a blissful rarity.

Hello it’s 5Minute Friday at Lisa Jo Baker’s , where we write for five minute today on the prompt word Mess, uninhabited and Un- err- well…. for me Edited.

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