Bring Back Our Girls

Sometimes, I become so self absorbed about the problems of my life. That , I feel that they’re interesting enough to blog about. Because, in my world that’s exactly what everyone has been waiting to read as everyone clicks on their internet browsers! I’m completely serious!

However, today will be a rare day when it’s not exactly all about myself. But, about something serious that I ‘v been learning about this past week.

Photo from: Instapray

As you can see in the above photo, I learned that over 200 girls were kidnap from their school. Kidnap by a terror group called: Boko Haram. Who’s name means, “Western education is a sin.” Who, claimed via a video. That, they plan to ” sale the girls!” The leader, said. After proudly boasting he had the girls. Whom, will likely be sold for marriage. Or put into human trafficking. if they’re threats become true.

I will never understand a terror groups rationality. But, I will pray for the remaining girls safe return home, soon. Like, the 40 girls who got away. And let’s let our post, among other bloggers and web sites,  be those girls voices. Voices, that demand Justice and Freedom ,in the utmost definition of those words.


Photo: Smart Girls
And these, above!


Coffee for Your Heart 150



3 thoughts on “Bring Back Our Girls

  1. The blatant thumbing their nose of these Terrorists, at the World is disgusting. When first I heard this story I was literally floored. Sick to my stomach.Crying out to God to do something!
    I wanted to put on my super cape and get these girls back while doing and saying very mean things to their captors. SInce that is not going to be a reality the way we CAN unite to make a difference– Please share with you and your readers-followers joining this coming January, National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery & Trafficking. We need Your prayers in Your community. Bless you and thanks for stopping by With Heart WIde Open, Shandra

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