And it goes on and on

If I had to list my favorite things in life. It would change, depending on what stage of my life I’m in. Such as a child my favorite things where:
1) Play dates with friends
2) My Little Pony
3) Bedtime stories


When I was a teenager that list changed to:

1) Boys

2) Talking on the phone

3) All things  fashionable and on trend

And this list went on, with the names of the boys changing, as crushes go. Along with my favorite boy bands ,celebrities and fashion magazine.

Here are my twenties:

1) My long term boyfriend ( So, I thought)

2) Our First apartment together

3)  My First apartment alone ( enough said)

This would also included career, car,  nightclubs, and apple martinis.

But, the older I become the more that list matures.These are the things I favor, now in my life:

1) Going on Hikes

2)  Reading or writing outside on my balcony

3) Chocolate

Other’s things included on this list a glass of wine with friends over dinner. Enjoying time with my family, crocheting, photography,vacations,  bee keeping and  quite time

But, what’s  not on  my rotating lists, is my time in the mornings, when  I meditate  on Jehovah’s words through the teachings of  Jesus Christ.  Why, didn’t I  mention God in Jesus Christ? Simply, because all through enjoyable moments. My faith is who I ‘am , not listed because this   bible verse says it best.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.   ~ Hebrews 13:8


There isn’t  a realer statement than that, for me. Also, across my heart and soul no matter the age  I make a list up. It’s will always be  due to the Heavenly Father, that I have the emotions to enjoy the  things like and love. And it’s Because of the Father  through Jesus Christ, that gives me the courage to  take heed and learn a lesson  from loving too much.

Thank You, Leah.

God Bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Today I’ am joining Coffee for your heart at: .  If you’re an encourager, please join us by clicking on the link above. 

I usually save things that encourage me, for another post. But, today I want to give credit to what gave me the idea to write  this post today!

Which happen after reading,  Gina Norman of Contemplating Beauty , Post called: 4o things I learned in 40 years.  When you read her post you’ll see  the influence and impact it had on me. 

Well have blessings everyone


3 thoughts on “And it goes on and on

  1. Glory to God He never changes! He is always the same! Praise God that as we draw nearer to Him and allow Him to take control of our life we change and become more like Him! Stopping by from Coffee for your heart.. Blessings xxx

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