Close to Me

“I was so close to him, I could have cried, from being over joyed”

” I was this close in line from getting the last, Chocolate Cronut ”

” That ball came close to hinting my face”

” I sat this close to the stage!”

” My friends and I, are very close

” That strange person is to close ,  to me , for own my comfort.”

” Let’s create an event to draw our  family close together.”

” Let’s close the subject and let it go”

” We’re getting close to the end of our work day”

” it’s getting close to my vacation”

“Sorry, we have to close the door. ”

The word close can be felt is many different ways. Depending on the way it’s used  said or written. I never realized this until this writing exercise. Nor, the emotions that are felt behind it, whenever the word is used. Like, the above examples. which are a few.

These emotions, run from relief ,excitement, disappointment, anticipation, tenderness, and Fondness.

But, of course the word close can have a negative spin to it. But, we all  know those feelings.So, I’ll close the subject on this.

Instead I  would like to close this post the hopes, when the day of our Lord comes; That  none of us are saying while  in  the depths of hell ,  ” I was that close to getting into heaven”. :))))))

Have Blessed and safe evening every9ne~ Leah

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