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20140604-112102-40862873.jpg Psalm 94: 18,19 : When I said

” My foot is slipping,”

your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.

When anxiety was great with in me,

your consolation brought me joy 


When I’m done with a difficult  day  at work, I really let  it break me down. It’s than that I, allow my insecurities to continue, to pull me in the wrong direction. Almost to the point of not feeling like I belong. Or useless.

As my spiralling self defeating thoughts continue. Such as:  I’m, I really a good person? Do I deserve any of the blessings , that God has instore for me? If any.  Why hasn’t  he, blessed me lately? Or I’ am , too stupid and self pitified to see my blessings.

(Yes! I said Self Pitified. Because, I mortified myself into that pity.)

All those question and more run through my head as I lay down in bed and try to relax. But, to no avail I lay restless. Along,with the restlessness becoming  non- related anxieties. With those thoughts, a new day is not the answer. As, my own voice tells me, that  God’s  grace has abandon me. Which, leads me to the conclusion  that tomorrow will  prove the same.

What I should do is  stop that cycle!

Due to the devil, has me where he wants me, Self Defeat Ville. A game that I  should  delete from my mind. But, It’s a hard game to give up. So, I must fight for knowing I ‘am worthy. Because, Jesus didn’t die in vain. Nor, should, the gift of life given, by Jehovah, be lived in self loathing. (Though ,sometimes those difficult times are perfect moments for prayers, carbs, and chocolate.)

It’s for those blessing that I have to appreciate what I have and who I am and who God will have me become! Especially, during the most trying times. Hence, the photo above. I truly made that after being let go from a project I was working on. It hurt badly.

But, I had to let God know through Jesus Christ, that despite my disappointment I  knew who I was and in knowing that, I belong.

Happy Sunday, Everyone~Leah

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3 thoughts on “Your Name Here

  1. Sometimes you have to pump yourself up in the truth of His word. The colors and encouraging words are perfect. Soothing even. Amen to knowing who and whose you are. Visiting today from Coffee For Your Heart.

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