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If you need a spiritual pick me before a new week starts. please read this post!!!! Because, you are never alone~ Leah

im.Perfectly His

20140604-112102-40862873.jpg Psalm 94: 18,19 : When I said

” My foot is slipping,”

your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.

When anxiety was great with in me,

your consolation brought me joy 


When I’m done with a difficult  day  at work, I really let  it break me down. It’s than that I, allow my insecurities to continue, to pull me in the wrong direction. Almost to the point of not feeling like I belong. Or useless.

As my spiralling self defeating thoughts continue. Such as:  I’m, I really a good person? Do I deserve any of the blessings , that God has instore for me? If any.  Why hasn’t  he, blessed me lately? Or I’ am , too stupid and self pitified to see my blessings.

(Yes! I said Self Pitified. Because, I mortified myself into that pity.)

All those question and more run through my head as I lay down…

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